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Because of your commitment to law enforcement and criminal justice issues and your public position regarding issues that will impact the rank-and-file officers of the state the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, or CLEAT, has endorsed your candidacy for State Representative.

As you know, CLEAT is the state's largest police organization, and we have the reputation of fighting hard on the side of law enforcement. We believe you have the similar courage to come to Austin and make a difference for the public we protect.

The brave and courageous men and women of Texas law enforcement deserve representation, advocacy, and results they can count on. It is with pride that we endorse your campaign for State Representative of District 86.

Charley Wilkison

CLEAT Executive Director


Rep. Smithee's experience and integrity make such a difference in giving the Texas Panhandle a voice in Austin. John is well respected by his Republican colleagues. John Smithee's leadership has been vital for High Plains agriculture especially in tough times.


Both as your Ag Commissioner and when I was Chairman of the House Ag Committee, I've known John as the consistent steady voice for Panhandle cattlemen and farmers. If John Smithee says it's true, you can take that to the bank.


West and Northwest Texas may have several incoming freshmen Legislators next year. They'll need John's guidance and wisdom to learn the ropes so they can carry the torch for the Panhandle, just as he has, in the years to come.

Sid Miller

Texas Agriculture Commissioner


When public safety is on the line, Texas firefighters know we can trust and support Representative John Smithee.

John Riddle

Texas State Association of Fire Fighters President


Representative John Smithee has been a steadfast conservative beacon during his time in the Texas Legislature. John delivered policies that helped Texas remain the economic envy of the nation. He also helped pass critical border security measures, historic property tax cuts, and fought for hardworking Texans in the Panhandle whose agricultural jobs continue to feed the nation. I encourage Texans across House District 86 to join me in supporting Representative John Smithee for re-election.

Greg Abbott

Texas Governor


John Smithee's experience and reputation in Austin are incredibly important for West Texas, especially at a time of such political uncertainty. Attacks on conservative values and common-sense decision-making have escalated at the state level. A growing border crisis, violent crime, and local control over school funding are some of the major issues troubling all of us right now.  Rep. Smithee understands how we feel on those issues in the Panhandle and works tirelessly to represent our values in the state capital. 


Rep. Smithee co-authored HB 2464 during this 88th Legislative session, which allowed cities, such as Amarillo, to opt back into cost-of-living increases for retired police officers and other city employees. He listened to concerns of local police officers who had frozen retirement checks under crippling inflation rates the last several years. That kind of action shows John Smithee’s concern for the people of his district. He has always responded directly when the APOA reaches out to him on any issue. 


Residents of District 86 are very fortunate to have a trusted and steady voice represent them in Austin. The APOA proudly endorses John Smithee for state representative in 2024.

Toby Hudson

Amarillo Police Officers Association President


On behalf of NRA’s Political Victory Fund and our members in Texas House District 86, I am pleased to announce your A rating and endorsement for the 2024 election cycle. Your rating and endorsement are based on your positive responses to our NRA-PVF candidate questionnaire and your strong voting record in the Texas House on issues of importance to gun owners and sportsmen.

Tara Mica

NRA-ILA Texas State Director


On behalf of TSRA's Political Action Committee and our members in Texas House District 86, I am pleased to announce your A Rating and Endorsement for the 2024 primaries. Your strong pro-Second Amendment responses and stances have earned you this commendable distinction.

John C. Poole

TSRA Executive Director


Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND proudly endorses Rep. John Smithee for re-election to the Texas House. From fighting to protect property rights of landowners and right to farm legislation, to expanding access to broadband and telecommunications services, Rep. Smithee has consistently fought for rural Texas. His commitment to promoting and protecting Texas agriculture is unwavering. The Panhandle is fortunate to have a powerful voice representing agricultural interests in the Texas legislature.

Russell Boening

Texas Farm Bureau President


The Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association PAC is proud to endorse Representative John Smithee for Texas House District 86. John supports Texas ranchers and landowners and will represent them and their interests well when elected.

Arthur Uhl III



BEEF-PAC of Texas Cattle Feeders Association is proud to support the reelection of Texas State Representative John Smithee. John is a proven champion of Texas agriculture, and he delivers for his district, helping secure funding for WTAMU, the TAMU VERO program and the TTU School of Veterinary Medicine. John’s seniority, institutional knowledge and integrity make him an effective legislator — exactly what our district needs.

Michael Bezner

BEEF-PAC Chairman

John Smithee Endorsed.png

In a time when the Texas House of Representatives lacks order and integrity, Representative John Smithee stands strong as a true statesman. Austin and District 86 are blessed to have the experience, knowledge, and wisdom Smithee has brought for decades. I am proud to endorse him for another term and will continue to support his efforts as the conscience of the Texas House.

Ken Paxton

Texas Attorney General

John Smithee HD86.png

In order to protect and build a Pro-Life Texas, we need effective Pro-Life leaders at all levels of government who will spearhead our efforts to save lives! Therefore, it is important that we re-elect proven Pro-Life individuals who know what it takes to protect innocent human Life from fertilization to natural death.

John Smithee.png

Press Release Announcing Endorsement of John Smithee & Others:


We proudly endorse these candidates for office. These individuals have faithfully acted to protect innocent human life and have earned our trust and the trust of voters.


Joe Pojman, Ph.D.

Texas Alliance for Life Executive Director

Rep. John Smithee.png

Life PAC is the political arm of Texans for Life Committee. It was formed to identify and elect pro-life candidates who will help us protect innocent human life, from fertilization until natural death. We work hard to promote legislation and policies that will protect moms and babies from abortion, protect and encourage pregnancy help centers and promote the healthy choice of abstinence to young people.
After reviewing the records of incumbents and interviewing the challengers, we select the candidates we have identified to best help us in our efforts to protect moms and babies from abortion.
We urge you to join with us and support our efforts to protect life by supporting the candidates who have earned the Life PAC endorsement.


HOWARD SMITH Former Amarillo City Council Member Former AISD Board President & Member (1).

Knowing John Smithee for several years, I have always admired him for doing what is best for the Texas Panhandle. As a highly influential member of the Texas House, he has produced real results for our area. We need to do everything we can in District 86 to keep John Smithee fighting for us and our families.


Representative Smithee has been a great asset to our area. We need a senior leader fighting for us in the Texas Panhandle. I look forward to working closely with him this upcoming session in Austin to ensure our voice continues to be heard.


John Smithee has been a great supporter of law enforcement, especially the Sheriffs in the Texas Panhandle. It is reassuring having John as our state representative. He is always willing to listen to our concerns and is understanding of the challenges rural law enforcement faces and takes those challenges seriously. I look forward to his continued work for Law Enforcement and the people of the Texas Panhandle.


John Smithee is a rural representative who always stands up for the Panhandle.


Representative John Smithee has been an indispensable leader for the 86th District of Texas, ensuring the voice of the panhandle is heard in Austin. I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

AAR Endorses John Smithee.png

The Amarillo Association of Realtors is honored to endorse John Smithee for House Representative District 86.

John has a proven track record as a strong advocate for private property rights and helped to support recent legislation to lower our property taxes. We are proud to stand behind John Smithee.

Helen Benton

Amarillo Association of Realtors

DPSOA Endorses John Smithee.png

The Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association Political Action Committee (DPSOA-PAC) proudly endorses your re-election to Texas. House District 86.

DPSOA-PAC works to advocate on behalf of the Troopers, Agents, Rangers, Officers, Communications Personnel and Forensic Scientists of the Texas Department of Public Safety. DPSOA is one of the largest organizations representing commissioned law enforcement officers in Texas and includes approximately 4,700 men and women who daily pledge their lives to protect Texans across the state.

Your distinguished service and strong support for law enforcement has earned our highest regard. 

Richard Jankovsky, III

DPSOA PAC President

TR Endorses John Smithee.png

Texas REALTORS® is committed to advocating for a strong real estate industry, advancing a culture of continued learning, and staying ahead of issues concerning members and their clients. Texas REALTORS® endorse Representative John Smithee.

JOHN Endorsement Visuals.png

Our local job creators are the backbone of the Texas economy. These past few years, our small businesses have faced enormous difficulties, from skyrocketing inflation to economic uncertainty. Each of these candidates understands the challenges our small business owners face. But just as importantly, they have demonstrated a commitment to solutions that make it easier to do business and promote greater economic opportunity in Texas. On behalf of our small business owner members across the state, I'm proud to announce these endorsements nad ask all Texans to support pro-small business candidates.

Jeff Burdett

NFIB State Director

JOHN Endorsement Visuals.png

Representative Smithee cares about small towns in his area. He fights for what is right and true. We are happy to have him as our Representative.

HOWARD SMITH Former Amarillo City Council Member Former AISD Board President & Member (2).

Representative John Smithee is a proven leader with the knowledge and now how to get things done. Representative Smithee understands the values and needs of the Texas Panhandle and works tirelessly for the people of District 86. I am proud to endorse Texas House Representative John Smithee for releection.


Texas Dairymen PAC proudly supports Representative John Smithee.


Rural Friends of Electric Cooperatives proudly supports Representative John Smithee.

JOHN Endorsement Visuals.png

John Smithee has been a strong leader and true friend to the people of Dalhart. I am proud to endorse him.

JOHN Endorsement Visuals.png

I am proud to endorse Rep. John Smithee for reelection to the Texas House. Rep. Smithee has been a strong advocate for the Texas Panhandle since he took office, and I trust him to continue to be a conservative leader in our battles to secure the border, to stop the woke agenda, and to provide critical property tax relief.

Dr. Dawn Buckingham

Texas Land Commissioner

JOHN Endorsement Visuals (1).png

Retired Deaf Smith County Judge and Former Hereford Mayor Tom Simons proudly endorses Representative John Smithee.

JOHN Endorsement Visuals.png

Rep. Smithee has been an active supporter of our state associations. He is very familiar with county issues, including revenue limitations, unfunded mandates, and attempts to silence county officials. We believe that he has demonstrated the character and commitment to earn our support.

Rick Thompson

COPAC Treasurer

JOHN Endorsement Visuals.png

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick proudly endorses Representative John Smithee.

JOHN Endorsement Visuals.png

Texans for Medical Freedom is proud to endorse John Smitee for the primary election.

JOHN Endorsement Visuals.png

I’ve worked with John Smithee in the Texas House of Representatives for the last fourteen years. In that environment where reason, experience and results absolutely matter, John has earned the respect of fellow legislators and established himself time and again as a thoughtful leader. I know firsthand how important it is to the Texas Panhandle for us to send John back to Austin. That’s why I proudly support John’s reelection campaign and ask that you vote for John Smithee in this election.

Representative Four Price

District 87

JOHN Endorsement Visuals.png

State Representative John Smithee is a tremendous fighter for Texas State House District 86. John is fighting to Grow the Economy, Ensure Election Integrity, Champion Texas Values, Support our Veterans, and Protect and Defend our under siege Second Amendment. John Smithee has my Complete and Total Endorsement.

Donald J. Trump

45th President of the United States


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